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*Welcome to the Association of Eastern Motor Clubs web site*.

The AEMC is the forum for motor sport in East Anglia.

Member clubs of the association organise and promote a wide range of events for their members, all of which comply with the General Competition Rules of the Motor Sports Association.

The NEWS and EVENTS section of this site is regularly updated and it is recommended should be checked frequently.

The SPRINT CHAMPIONSHIP and STAGE RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP sections of this site are also updated regularly throughout the season.

The EVENT CALENDAR (listing the year’s events) may be found as an extension of the NEWS and EVENTS menu.

Please select the section required from the Menu (on the left) for further information.

COMMITTEE: If you wish to contact an officer of this association you will find the relevant details on the Committee page.

ASSOCIATED CLUBS: Details of associated clubs and their representatives may be found via the Associated Clubs menu. A link to a club’s web site is also included when available.

MOTOR SPORT: The AEMC promotes a number of annual championships to which members of associated clubs are entitled to participate. Details of these and their results may be found via the Motor Sport menu.

MARSHALLING: All motor sport events require Organisers, Competitors and Marshals. In recent months the MSA have introduced a Marshals Register. It is anticipated that in order to marshal on an event it will soon be necessary for marshals to be on the MSA Register and appropriately trained. The AEMC encourages marshals to attend regular training sessions - more details may be found via the Marshalling menu.

NEWS and EVENTS: It is our intention to update this site on a regular basis with General Motor Sport News and News about events that associated clubs are promoting. This will include their Regulations and Entry Forms, Results, etc., for downloading. Details may be found via the NEWS and EVENTS menu.

NB Associated Clubs are therefore encouraged to contact the webmaster
with their event details.

LINKS: There are many web sites with a motor sport content. The Links section will enable access to some of those to which the AEMC is more closely associated.


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